THBusiness Theme Documentation


      1. Introduction.
      2. Theme Installation.
      3. Add a Custom Logo.
      4. Custom Main Menu.
      5. Home Page Slider.
      6. Business Template.
      7. Widgets.
      8. Widget Areas.

1. Introduction

This is the documentation page of the THBusiness WordPress Theme. We will try to keep everything well documented. If you are not sure about particular area of this please use the support forum.

2. Theme Installation

Theme installation process is same as others.

      1. Download the .zip file.
      2. Go to Appearance > Themes in the WordPress Dashboard
      3. Click on the Add New button
      4. Click on the Upload Theme button on the top.
      5. Use Choose File button to select .zip file.
      6. Select the thbusiness1.0.3.zip file from your computer and click Install Now Button.
      7. After successfully installed the theme click “Activate Theme”.

3. Add a Custom Logo

Adding a custom logo is very easy. Please use the following steps.

      1. Go to Appearance > Theme Options in the WordPress Dashboard.
      2. In the General Tab Click on the “Upload” button which is under the Heading “Header Logo”
      3. Upload Your Logo and Click Select in the upload screen.
      4. Click “Save Options” button in the bottom of the General Tab.

4. Custom Main Menu

After just installing the theme it will display the pages as the default menu. You can add your own links, categories, pages for the menu.

      1. Go to Appearance > Menus in the WordPress Dashboard.
      2. In the edit menus tab click on the link “create new menu”.
      3. Give a Menu Name and click button “create menu”.
      4. Then you can choose/create the links from the three tabs(Pages/Links/Categories) which is in the left hand side.
      5. After Creating the menu select the Theme Location of the menu.(It’s under the Menu Settings which is in the bottom of the page. ) In this case tick the “Primary Menu”.
      6. Hit Save.

5. Home Page Slider

Follow the steps to activate home page slider.Slider will display in the front page of the theme. You can add 5 slides for this theme.

      1. Go to Appearance > Theme Options in the WordPress Dashboard.
      2. Go to Slider Tab.
      3. Check the check box under the heading “Activate Slider” to activate the slider. You can use this to turn on or off the slider.
      4. Use Upload button to add a slider image.
      5. Fill the slider title, slider description to display a slider title and slider description.
      6. Then fill the Slider Redirect Link – It is the link of the web page that you want to go when the slider button or title pressed.
      7. Fill the slider redirect link button text.
      8. After adding number of slides you want click save options button.

6. Business Template

Adding a business page.

      1. Go to Pages > Add New in the WordPress Dashboard
      2. Give it a name whatever you want. eg : Business.
      3. Then from the page attributes options box select the Template as Business Template.
      4. Then Go to Settings > Reading in the WordPress Dashboard and select the “A Static Page” option which is under the heading “Front Page Displays”.
      5. Then Select the page that you created from the “Front Page” drop down . eg: Business

business template setting

Adding a blog post page when business page is activated.

      1. Go to Pages > Add New in the WordPress Dashboard
      2. Give it a name whatever you want. eg : Blog.
      3. Then from the page attributes options box select the Template as Default Template.
      4. Then Go to Settings > Reading in the WordPress Dashboard and select the option “A static page” which is under the heading “Front Page Displays”.
      5. Then Select the page that you created from the “Blog Page” drop down . eg: Blog.

7. Widgets

There are 6 widgets that you can display in the business template.

1. THBusiness Services Widget.

This widget can be used to display the services of your business. You can display a small font awesome font icon or small image icon. If you want a image icon go to the page that you display as the service item and set a featured image. If you want a font awesome icon go to font awesome cheat sheet then find and give the name of the icon that you want to the icon input field.  After that select the page that you want to display as the excerpt of the service widget. That’s all. Perfect for Business Template Top/Bottom Areas.

thbusiness services widget

2. THBusiness Call to Action.

Displays a call to action. Perfect for Business Template Top/Bottom Areas.

thbusiness call to action widget

3. THBusiness Recent Work Widget.

This widget displays pages as recent work. It will use the featured image of the page as the image of the widget and page excerpt. You can on or off the page excerpt if you want. Use for Business Template Top/Bottom Areas.

thbusiness recent work widget

4. THBusiness Single Page Widget.

As the name suggests this displays a single page in the business template area. Choose the page that you want to display from the drop down. It also uses the featured image. Drag and drop this widget to the Business Template Left Area or Business Template Right Area.

Single Page Widget

5. THBusiness Testimonial.

This displays testimonial. Use this widget any amount of time to display multiple testimonials. Drag and drop this widget to the Business Template Left Area or Business Template Right Area.

thbusiness testimonial

6. THBusiness Featured Images.

Display your client logos or any kind of images in this widget. Perfect for Business Template Top/Bottom Areas. To add a image go to the Dashboard > Media. Upload a image and  then go to Media > Library and select the name of the image you  just uploaded. In the right area of the dashboard there is a box which contains the File Url. Copy and paste that link in the Image Link input field. Image redirect link means link of the web page that user should go when the user click on the image.  eg: www.somecompany.com

 thbusiness featured images

8. Widget Areas

Business template consists with 4 widget areas.

  • Business Template Top Area.
  • Business Template Left Area.
  • Business Template Right Area.
  • Business Template Bottom Area.

Drag and drop each widget to the relevant widget areas and arrange them any order you want. Following image shows the widgets and widget areas.

THBusiness Business Template Widget Areas
THBusiness Business Template Widgets and Widget Areas

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76 thoughts on “THBusiness Theme Documentation

    1. To do that you have to edit the .mo file which is in the languages folder. Editing can be done by the Poedit software. Theme can be fully translated to french. :) Thank you for using THBusiness.

      1. After translation, how do I rename the file ?
        Do I have de to replace the default.mo ou create a default-fr_FR.mo ? I do also need a greman translation.

  1. Hi guys, thanks for the theme, great work!
    I can’t find a social section for the theme – I only need to add a facebook link/ icon on the main menu (or somewhere in the header). Am I missing something :) ?

    1. No you didn’t miss anything Adrian. We hope to add a social media widget in our next theme update as it is a main requirement for the theme. We will do it very soon. Thanks.

  2. I have set up the Widget but it not appearing on the home page?
    what will be the home page:

    1. your static page or
    2. recent Post

    Many Thanks

    1. It’s now using 30 words as the excerpt. But if u want you can edit the code to get your job done. I will definitely give that feature in the next theme update.


  4. hi ,

    when i try to add widgets in top area —> no results , nothing appear i followed the steps in your tutorial i want to a home page with 3 kinds of service that’s so what do you think ?

  5. Hi! Great theme! Thank you for it.
    Question: Is it possible to make two or more business pages with different sets of sliders? I am making web page with 3 languages and would like to have start – business – page with sliders in each language.

  6. Hi, your theme is realy nice!
    I’d like to know how to delete the search-box from all my pages. I have already turned off all the widgets but the search-box is already on all pages of my website.
    thanks for the help :)
    (sorry for my bad english ;) )

    1. Thanks Knille. :) There are two ways to do that. First and easiest way is hiding it using css.(Using display:none;) Or you can delete the code from the header.

  7. Hi Guys,

    This is an excellent theme you’ve created, thanks a lot!
    I just wanted to say, for the main page slider, when you’re on an ipad, it would be good to be able to stop the slider from changing image when the user isn’t using a mouse to hover over…

    Just to clear that out, when on a mobile device, you can’t stop the slider from changing picture. It would be nice to have that feature.


  8. Great theme for my website. I was looking for a way to set the size of the slider images. I changed the size of the image but the smaller image is resized to more than full screen.

    Is there a way to set the image size in the slider?
    Is the slider responsive? I checked on my android device and found the images are way out of proportion pushing down the content I want visitors to read.

    1. Jerry,
      Yes there is one way.you have to upload same size images for the slider. Yes slider is fully responsive. Pushing down happens because all slider images are not in the same width and height. So before you upload images to the slider make sure all the images you upload are in same width and height.

  9. Hi,

    Thanks for the theme. I really like the ease of setting up the theme.
    Here are few questions that i have:
    1. How to rupee symbol to convert Rs / Rs. to the symbol. Webrupee plugin doesn’t seem to work.
    2. I want to add a contact number in the header area around menu. What are the possibilities. I am also looking at some visual effect with an arrow etc.


    1. Hi Versha, I cannot really understand that what do you mean by “Rs / Rs. to the symbol.”
      For the second question, yes you can easily do it by inserting an extra div to the above area of the site header and give your phone number there. Relevant code is in the header.php file.

      1. Thanks Puddu for the reply. I am new to wordpress and trying to learn while solving issues. can you exactly explain via code how to achieve point no 2.

        thanks again

  10. Hello
    Great template

    I made a page with ‘recent work’ and put a photo in the text area of the page. When I then link it in the recent work widget, it is well linked (correct). However on the home page I do see the title under the recent work part, but I don’t see the photo there. What do I have to do to make the foto visible?


    1. Well Armand, You must set a featured image to display the image. Not an image in the text area. You can set a featured image from the bottom of your page. There is a link called “set a featured image”.

  11. I am just testing this theme to see if it will work for my client and am wondering if the slider can be modified so the ‘read more’ can be hidden and the title and description can be relocated to either above or below the slider image. The text he wants will be more along the line of testimonials, and having it on top of the image is not going to be acceptable. thanks

  12. Hi there,
    congratulations for this theme is very beatiful!
    Im setting up it on a news website im building,
    since i need the website in 4 different languages, i want to use the plugin qtranslate (i used this one in many websites).
    In the slider you give the possibility to place text and description, but only in one language, how can i add the other languages?

  13. Hi, thanks a lot for your theme.
    I am trying to use the testimonial part to add articles, and I was wondering if there is a way to add a read more button under the articles that will lead me to a new page.

    Thanks a lot for your work!

  14. Hi,
    very nice theme i love it!
    I’m using it for my new website, just one question im using the widget Th recent work, but i want use only 3 blocks instead of 4, but if i use 3, the widget is allined on left side, how can i center it?

    1. Hi Gian,
      Go to widget.php file. Then find the Thbusiness Recent Work Widget. Then inside the widget() function of that widget you can find a div with bootstrap classes. (<div class=”col-xs-12 col-sm-6 col-md-3 col-lg-3″>). Change the col-md-3 and col-lg-3 to col-md-4 and col-lg-4. (<div class=”col-xs-12 col-sm-6 col-md-4 col-lg-4″>).

  15. Hi – love this theme.

    Question though, I am trying to remove the social media icons. It allows me to do so by “hiding SSB social” on every page except the home page. Even when I have that box checked, it still shows up. Where can I find it to delete the social sharing options.

    Also, is there a simple way to remove the “search” option on the main menu?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Ann, I don’t have given a social media widget or something with this theme. I think you are using a plugin. I cannot give a direct answer for that.

      For the second question find the “th-search-box-container” selector from the style.css file and add display:none; property to it. That’s the easiest way. But I recommend if you don’t want that search-box find the relevant code from the header.php file and delete it.

  16. Hello,

    Is it possible to freeze the customer logo? So when one scrolls down the page that the logo in the header all the time remains on the top of the screen?


  17. Hi,
    And another one since I am using your template a lot now :-)….

    How do I link a ‘button’ (for example in the call to action) to an email address?

    Best regards,

    1. Hi armand, sorry for the late. Yes you can. Just give your email address as mailto:someone@example.com in the Button Redirect Link of the widget.

  18. Hi Pubudu,

    Thank you for this theme! I have a question about the websitename, this appears above the header but I can’t find where I can change the site of the box where the text appears in? This because the name of the website is too long and appears on two rowes and that’s not what I want. I found where to change the size of the text but that didn’t matter because the box of the website name kept the same size (too small).

    I am looking forward to hear from you.


  19. Thank you for this wonderful theme. I’d like to know if it’s compatible to woocommerce? I used the theme for a client and he loves it and now he wants me to integrate a shop in it.

  20. Hello,

    great theme!!! Two questions though:

    1. how can I remove ‘comments’ from pages? (when I go to ‘you can turn oon / turn off comments’, I see different options to edit comments, but it doesn’t give me an option to remove them

    2. for ‘standard template’ is there a way to determine the stuff displayed on the right? (I would like to have menu there and not archives etc)

    many thanks

  21. Hello,

    further to my previous message, I managed to sort out my question no 2, but I would appreciate if you could help with no 1:

    1. how can I remove ‘comments’ from pages? (when I go to ‘you can turn oon / turn off comments’, I see different options to edit comments, but it doesn’t give me an option to remove them

    many thanks

  22. You have been very helpful! I appreciate it. One more question, where do I find the horizontal bar that automatically shows up on each page displaying what page you are in? It changes based on what menu item you have selected but with what I am doing with the layout, it seems redundant since I don’t have too much copy on there.

    Just where to find it and how to turn it off would be great! Thank you so much!

  23. Hi Pubudu,

    As per my previous messages, I’m still struggling with turning off comments. How can I remove ‘comments’ from pages?

    I will very much appreciate your help

    many thanks

  24. Hi, great theme, love it!

    Is there anyway to control how many service widget are ona row?

    Now if you have 4 services, you get 1 row with 3 and 1 row with 1 service.
    Is it possible to get 4 widgets in one row? or even up to the 6? is there a way to control the sizing of them? Thanks!

  25. Hi Pubudu,
    I am pretty new on css. I erased the part “Proudly powered by wordpress” and now my slider with the pics and sentences I had disappeared.
    Now I checked on the Customization and my slider is activated. Could you help me? I was trying to look for the original css so I can restore it but cant find it online.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. It seems the jquery script for the theme is not loading. However you have disabled the right click. Didn’t it? Some jquery file that you have inserted preventing the script as it seems.

  26. Hello there Pubudu,
    I have thbusiness running on the website I have mentioned in the “website” field above. I love it because it is clear, clean, modern, flexible and responsive.
    The only thing I did not find outr is: Is it possible to change the size of the flexslider (width and height), but to leave it in the position where it is, or how I can do that by fiddling with the flexslider files and CSS.
    Is there any possibility to do such changes? If yes, I were very thankful for any information about what I can do.
    Best regards,

    1. Hello there Pubudu,
      May I please again ask for the topic above?
      I love the theme and I would like to continue using it, but I really need the image slider in a smaller size (e.g. 980×380 px) – centered on the starting page and in the same vertikal position as it is. If there’s absolutely no opportunity to change the slider dimensions I need to skip thbusiness … Wouldn’t like that …
      Thank you very much in advance for your reply.

      1. I made my slider less wide by opening thbusiness/inc/extras.php, copying the thbusiness_homepage_slider() function into my child theme functions.php (this function can be overridden).
        I then changed the ‘section’ classes to add Bootstrap classes e.g. col-lg-8. As there are 12 columns in a row I was able to add a block to the right of my slider (with class=col-lg-4)

  27. Hi,

    I’m at step 7 for the widgets and I’m looking for the readme.txt document to find the name of the icon for the THBusiness Services Widget. Where I can find this document and where I can have a description of the icon ???

    Thank you !

      1. Thank you !

        I have an other question for you. Where I can change the text “read more” on each button on my site ?

        Also, where I can change the text “leave a comment” on the blogue page of my site ?


        1. You can change them using translation easily. Or if you are using a child theme change the text(“leave a comment”) in content.php.

  28. Awesome theme! Is there a way to change the slider so that the redirect url link can be the whole slide instead of just the ‘read more’ button?

  29. Thank you for your help.

    I try to change the text “read more” on each button on all my page. Where I can do this ?

    All my page are in Business Template model.

    Thank you very much for all the help you give to us ! :)

    1. If you are talking about read more buttons in business page widgets go to widgets.php(inc/widgets.php) and find “Read More” and replace it with your text. But when you updating the theme that will be lost again. The best thing is to make a child theme and edit the widgets.php.

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